Main point here everyone loves the idea , concept


The composition is quite linear with dense, nearly syrupy chocolate from beginning to end. This scent renders myself really hungry for treat and sweet affairs, and that means you’ve got your own fair warning, this is not a scent for those staying with a strict eating plan. I enjoy dressed in chocolates Greedy for novelty element, but I would likely refrain from dressed in it towards the office or whilst run errands.

It smells very delicious, like orange dipped in chocolates. I really like the smell. But that tasty stronger scent at opening dies lower quickly and the fragrance becomes also delicate. Unfortuitously, it doesn’t endure back at my surface for enough time.

This is actually the most practical chocolate scent i have actually ever encountered! It is nutty and filling and sealed in dark chocolate. It really is positively tasty and it also helps make myself hungry 🙂 i may buy it once I complete the tester I managed to get.

It is my personal basic montale perfume! I simply obtained they within the mail a few weeks ago and it’s best been resting back at my supply for one hour. First impression had been that package feels awesome light and bare but then people said that’s regular for montale and so I’m unsure basically’ll carry on making use of brand because i could feel the 100ml just getting free conservative chat filled halfway.

BUT BACK AGAIN TO THE AROMA LOL . to start with I imagined the scent itself had been light but simply sitting and chilling out I keep smelling candy! Therefore it is maybe not stronger but projects very well.

Smells like that nesquik cereal and in the dried out down it very nearly smells like burned dark chocolate in a good way.

If you should be mourning losing Aquolina’s Chocolovers and you’re eager for a decent substitution, Montale’s Chocolate Greedy is a superb place to start

I smell much more vanilla extract now it really is so tasty omg. Reminds me of al rehabilitation choco musk but a lot more vanilla extract chocolate aroma instead of just vanilla extract like chocolates musk.

Im thus happy i got myself testers first and didn’t blind purchase any one of Mancera or Montale perfumes. Despite getting truly hyped upwards, Rose Vanille just isn’t my cup of beverage! flower Chocolate is best, it got an orange-flavored chocolates variety of vibe on me personally, but the beginning dried-fruit fragrance is rather clear, maybe not in an effective way.

But. THIS PACKAGE could be the BOMB personally. Should you ever had Hot candy with marshmallow, or a brand of cocoa malt beverage also known as Ovaltine, this fragrance is strictly like that. The bitter orange and dried fruit mixed entirely inside chocolates that I’m not capable discern it separately, yet they provided they great degree.

I unintentionally purchased 2 vials of testers for this one, will use within the testers before carefully deciding to chew the round.

just recently acquired this and all I will say usually really remarkable. the opening of cocoa and bitter orange is really so best . the fragrance sticks closer to our skin I am also covered with the cocoa ripple for hours on end .. Cocoa nevertheless extremely prominent within this even on dried out lower , with a few marks of vanilla , tonka .. thou I do not smell any coffees from inside the beginning

, uniqnes and really should be the ideal candy perfume in the marketplace or the best gourmand perfume regarding whole marketplace .. Reminds me personally of a chocolates bakery

! they has the aroma of Nutella and biscuits and it’s simply very warm and creamy. Unfortuitously the abilities on me is extremely worst! Doesn’t latest long together with sillage is really poor ( I think it’s my own body chemistry because on the basis of the votes it really is stronger.. but oh really).