Leo are a sophisticated technology broker equipped with steeped, useful technology products

Leo (??) is a wizard researcher and you will another certified person in this new head people, lead from inside the Miniforce X season 2.

History Biography

He had been afterwards delivered and employed since the a virtually friend of the official Miniforce agents who appear to let her or him from inside the beating the foes. Due to Leo’s wealthy possessions, he was capable get several personal pros and you may a human secretary movie director, Mia.

From inside the year a couple of Miniforce X, an element of the Miniforce have been told about the wizard researcher whom and also cutting-edge technical and you may usage of new fifth Penta X Robot. Understanding Leo could be a giant help in the event that he was to help you sign-up him or her, the team set out into the a quest to obtain Leo, which is also bumping on the him during the an enemy assault. On their treat, Leo overpowered brand new challenger within minutes. The group adopted Leo and you can brought on their own, requesting your to become listed on her or him for the battle.

Although not, Leo denied new request, claiming you ekÅŸi vgl to heroes challenge by yourself. With the reaction, Volt confronted your to contend with him or her: In case the Miniforce obtained, Leo have a tendency to subscribe the group. Leo accepted the challenge, as well as the tournament is decided on his residence.

In event, Leo’s technologic experience caused it to be hopeless towards the original Miniforce to defeat your that have any of their private vitality, up to Volt did trickery toward their sheer pet abdomen that have a good pet model and you can been able to defeat Leo. Angry and you can offended, the latest pet researcher put the brand new Miniforce of his residence.

Although not, later on, the fresh new Miniforce was indeed at risk when you find yourself against the brand new came back challenger. To the persuading from Mia, Leo turned up and you can helped the fresh new Miniforce by the credit her or him their help and the fresh new weapons (the double x blade guns). Pursuing the competition, the worries ranging from Leo and also the party casual, and you will Leo, ultimately, wanted to improve the Miniforce, promising they can constantly turn-to him to possess let after they necessary your.

Physical appearance

Leo is an onyx-black colored pet that have cobalt-blue-eyes and muzzle. His arms and legs slowly change so you can blue at the wrists and you can ankles, that have cobalt underbelly fur. The guy wears an onyx-black hide with cobalt coloration band to keep hidden his face, also a gold tech watch around his kept wrist.

When switched, it is highly likely that Leo’s suit and you can gun structure are an altered adaptation passionate out of Ray’s drawing. His armour are dark gray, tinted which have bluish and you may decorated which have quick items of yellow and brown. Their body structure is far more muscled as compared to other countries in the Miniforce team, in addition to the same as Beam. The guy still wears their view for the their kept wrist, whether or not today built into their case.


Leo is apparently a mixture of Volt, Sammy, and you will Ray’s characters. He or she is certainly conceited happy for example Volt either is, serious particularly Sammy, and you will aloof such as Beam. He including appears to be a little while narcissistic, continuously boasting and praising himself before others. He means himself while the 'hero’, and frequently create looks which have awkwardly 'heroic’ poses.

Leo’s incrediblely highest IQ and increases their already-too-large self confidence, and also make him become first and foremost most other agencies. not, even with his swaggy emotions, Leo does have a type and you can righteous cardio that presents within the vital minutes, and you can cares deeply each group member.

Once the a researcher that have secretary executives, Leo is even been shown to be elite and you will is able to create businesses. And in case focused on tests, they can feel unusually really serious, and reveals a beneficial higher level side.

Overall performance

Leo, though by the pure ability cannot have one superhuman fuel, get advantages of his worry about-developed wristband to make use of others’s results, and arrange information and you may benefits also outside the Miniforce representatives, and come up with him shockingly strong (possibly an equivalent to Ray’s race height).